Translink are the public transport provider for Northern Ireland. They required a new brand as an extension to the existing Translink Goldliner brand for their X1-X5 cross border services to Dublin Airport and Dublin City, a service previously known as the Dublin Airport bus. The Xpress brand was created with the existing brand strength and awareness to maximise Translink’s presence as a cross border service focusing on the destination to connect people north and south.
Brand Research.                                                                                                   Brand Strategy.                                                                                                     Brand Design.                                                                                                           Logo Design.                                                                                                           Visual Identity.                                                                                                       Brand Implementation.
Brand Strategy.
Translink's brand is built on better connecting people. Xpress mirrors this brand message through it's own USP's of Connected, Relaxing, Frequent and Spacious. The Xpress name reflects the speed and the X naming of the service. Having previously been known as the Dublin Airport bus, Xpress recognises the service importance of connecting people with Dublin Airport. Statistics showed the 60% of passengers use the service for Dublin Airport and 40% for Dublin City, Xpress is positioned to appeal more to an audience who travel to Dublin City via public transport while retaining the existing appeal as a service to Dublin Airport.
Logo Design.
The Xpress logo was strategically designed to be used alongside the Goldliner logo, the X is formed from two arrows that resemble airplane wings which when doubled up form an airplane icon, which is used in Airport communications.
Visual Identity.
Building from the existing brand strength and awareness of the Translink Goldliner brand including brand colours and font, Xpress is an extension of this. The arrows represented in the logo are also used as a graphic element to signify direction and the destination of the service. Constructing the X from two arrows gives the Xpress brand instant recognition in a crowded market.