The Carriage.

The Carriage is a brand born from the conversion of an old horse box into a modern, elegant coffee shop. Following the trend of providing coffee through a transportable vehicle, The Carriage took advantage of the opportunities and demand by providing artisan coffee at luxurious events. Your coffee awaits.
Brand Research.                                                                                                   Brand Strategy.                                                                                                     Brand Design.                                                                                                           Logo Design.                                                                                                           Visual Identity.                                                                                                       Brand Implementation.
Brand Strategy.
Unlike other coffee brands, The Carriage brand has a unique offering of providing artisan coffee and pastries from various locations. Similar to the paths this horse box travelled in the past, but with a different purpose. The Carriage brand honours it’s elegant and noble passengers of the past, chess and the Knight piece.
Logo Design.
Inspired by the unique Knight piece in chess to create a unique brand identity, The Carriage logo is based around a graphic icon of the Knight piece which is traditionally shaped as a horses head. The Carriage logo type is created from a Sans Serif typeface presented in uppercase to add to the sense of strength of the brand.
Visual Identity.
The chess theme continues throughout the brand with a chequered pattern design and a black and white colour palette, accompanied with a touch of gold to mirror the Knight’s unique strength and personality.