Premier Gym.

Premier Gym is a state of the art fitness gym and experience inspired by the strength and movement of its members. The brand was created for the opening of a new premier gym facility in an already crowded fitness industry, with the aim of providing energy and motivation for everyone visiting the facility from a position of strength.
Brand Research.                                                                                                   Brand Strategy.                                                                                                     Brand Design.                                                                                                           Logo Design.                                                                                                           Visual Identity.                                                                                                       Brand Implementation.
Brand Strategy.
In the highly competitive and saturated fitness industry, Premier Gym aims to provide energy thus motivating staff and users who are serious about fitness, with the aim that everyone leaves the gym having grown physically and mentally. The brand is in a position of strength to communicate that message from all angles. Premier Gym has a duty of care to become a partner for those on their fitness journey by providing them with a safe space to train.
Logo Design.
The strength of the brand identity starts with Premier Gym’s brand mark which consists of a monogram constructed of three parts, which combine to create a P, G and flexing arm. This graphic element creates the strength that the remaining of the brand is built around with a connection to the fitness industry.
Visual Identity.
Staff and users are energised by the brand colour palette, the industrial black and whites are contrasted with bursts of neon blues and greens that pass the energy onto those inside the gym. Premier Gym allows its members to grow with the brand through their communications where the typography creatively grows with each word.