Derry GAA.
Derry GAA is a brand promoting Gaelic Games and its values within the Oakleaf county since 1888. With recent success on the field, a new brand system is born to communicate the deep history, inspire and leave a legacy for future oaks.
Doire, translating to oak-wood provides inspiration for the new brand system. From the heart of the Doire crest, the oakleaf is simplified into a single line. The oakleaf grows to form outer 'growth rings' which transforms into a perfect circle on the outer ring. The new visual signature is used to communicate through and tell the rich stories of Doire.
For the oakleaf.
The core values of Derry GAA include community, participation, amateur ethos and volunteerism. Why does everyone associated with Derry GAA give up their time for Derry GAA? For the oakleaf.
The oaks.
The oaks are those people who live by the motto 'For the oakleaf'. From volunteers, to supporters, to players, they are all recognised for their loyalty in the new brand system. We are Derry.