Bad Boy.

Following the conversation between a group of friends, the idea for a cocktail bar in an old Church setting was born. A brand concept for Bad Boy was created as a bar that doesn't conform to approved standards of behaviour. A bar some would consider sacrilegious.
Brand Research.                                                                                                   Brand Strategy.                                                                                                     Brand Design.                                                                                                           Logo Design.                                                                                                           Visual Identity.                                                                                                       Brand Implementation.
Brand Strategy.
Creating a cocktail bar in an old Church created the contrast between the good and the bad. Bad Boy is the bad in a good setting but Bad Boy was born to break the rules. Here you are encouraged to be good at being bad, don’t obey the moral law. The cocktail list changes weekly according to the Gospel of Bad Boy. I forgot, you might feel like you are being watched.
Logo Design.
The adaptive Bad Boy logo combines an Old English with a Sans serif typeface to create a striking brand mark. Combining these two opposite typefaces enforces the brand strategy of the good and the bad alongside each other. Adding a slight rotation and slant to the characters adds energy to the brand mark.
Visual Identity.
Bad Boy’s visual identity is a marriage between the old and the new. Inspired from old portrait paintings which hung from Church Walls. Bad Boy utilises the most striking feature of these paintings, the eyes which appear to be following you as you move. Hanging portrait paintings will follow your every move, call it the stations of Bad Boy. The dark colour palette is a reflection of the surroundings with bursts of rich colours.