Bad Boy.
Bad Boy is a brand born from the conversion of an old Church into a modern cocktail bar. A bar that doesn't conform to approved standards of behaviour. A bar some would consider sacrilegious.
The marriage of the old with the new.
Bad Boy was born to break the rules. Combining an Old English with a Sans serif typeface marries the old with the new to create the Bad Boy brand mark.
I'm watching you.
Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Hanging portrait paintings on the walls of the bar follow your every move. Call it the Stations of Bad Boy.
Good but bad.
You are encouraged to be good at being bad. Be a bad boy or girl. Don't obey the moral law. Are you a sinner or are you winner? If you act bad your both.
The ten cocktails.
This is the divine list of Bad Boy rules. One to ten. Each with a different taste. The cocktail list changes weekly according to the Gospel of Bad Boy.