Life Saving Stationary 

The Ask
The Irish Heart Foundation is on a mission to prevent the number of lives currently affected by heart disease and stroke. Create a campaign to grow public awareness of the health risks of sedentary behaviour and encourage office workers to escape their chair and move more throughout their day.

Many office workers don’t have the time to move more during the working day due to work loads. The campaign aims to provide a solution to office workers who have none or little time to increase their movement during the working day. 
The campaign presents a piece of exercise equipment as a simple piece of life saving office stationary so office workers can exercise at their desk.
The campaign device is a simple piece of office stationary, a giant elastic band (resistance band). Dublin offices will be able to purchase the giant elastic bands for their workers with proceeds going to the Irish Heart Foundation. The resistance bands will be branded with the IHF logo and include the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.​​​​​​​
The leg exercises will be presented on social platforms in short stop motion instructional videos and on Instagram stories users will be able to see the exercises and control leg movement by tapping right and left. This will turn the exercises into a fun user experience. The campaign will use images of the person performing the exercises at their desk rather than standing.
The social instructional videos and Instagram stories will be linked to the Irish Heart Foundation website where users can read more on the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and the links between a sedentary lifestyle and heart disease.
The instructional videos will also be shown on the Irish Heart Foundation website, facebook page, twitter page and youtube page so that they are available for everyone.