Letter's Home 

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EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum catalogues the experiences of Ireland's emigrants. Create a campaign to drive awareness of EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.

Every Irish person can relate to keeping in touch with a loved one abroad. Although the technology has advanced throughout the years from letters, to phone calls, to facetime, the feelings and emotion have remained for families and friends at home. 
EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum tells the story of the letters sent from Irish emigrants to their families and friends back home, ‘Letter’s Home’ will bring the letters containing their stories of fear and hope to the streets of Dublin.
‘Letter’s Home’ will bring the letters from years past to the streets of Dublin using the postboxes that they were dropped into from the many counties that Irish people have emigrated to. The pop-up activations will include letterboxes from countries such as the USA, England, Argentina and Australia. Each letterbox hatch will be modified and can be opened by the curious people of Dublin to reveal an interactive digital touch screen where the letters can be viewed similar to those in the museum.
The postboxes will feature the ‘Open the hatch to discover the stories sent home to Ireland’ call to action to entice the public to the postbox.
The letters tell the stories of hope, joy, fear, heartbreak, death and opportunity, these are all feelings that the people of Dublin can relate to. The activation acts as a taster of what people can experience at the museum and encourage them to visit EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.