It's the Way we Sound 

The Ask
The traveller community in Ireland still remain a marginalised group within society. Create a campaign convince Irish people, specifically those who currently don't hold these views, that travellers should be accepted by society in the same way that numerous other ethnic groups are in this country, without prejudice.

The travelling community face daily discrimination due to their accents and it is often the first and most common instance where they are discriminated against due to the way they sound.
'It's the way we Sound' will take acute accent’s (fada) in copy on social media posts and use them to highlight the discrimination that the travelling community face due to their accents while also highlighting fadas in company logos.
The travelling community face discrimination in education, housing, employment and in daily life such as going to the shop and socialising due to their accent. This has forced many travellers to put on a different accent to access housing and jobs and lie about their identity and culture. When settled people hear the traveller accent they associate it with crime, fighting, distrust and dirtiness and leads to them not being accepted into society.
To highlight this discrimination we will highlight every acute accent’s (fada) with blue in copy on social media posts from Irish companies who have a fada in their name and use fada’s in the copy in their social posts such as Iarnród Éireann, Bus Éireann and RTÉ. By clicking on the fada it will link the user to the campaign social page where they can find out the reason for the highlighted fadas.
To ease the fears and distrust many settled people have of the travelling community we need to highlight the good and positivity within their community and educate about the discrimination that travellers face daily.
The campaign page which will feature a short social video series on youtube and social media and social posts of the history of the travelling community, the links between the discrimination Irish immigrants faced and the discrimination travellers face, the challenges travellers face as a ethnic minority, traveller culture and the many positive aspects of the travelling community. This will all showcase why travellers should be treated as equal and accepted into society and raise awareness of the discrimination they face.
The campaign can be extended to outside of social media in print where Irish companies will highlight the fada from their logo a different colour in range of other media.