Bringing You Home Home 

The Ask
Travelling by train is the preferred means of public transport for students traveling in Ireland. Overall rail is perceived to be more comfortable and is viewed as a superior mode of transport. Create a campaign that gets students to choose the train with Iarnród Éireann.

Going to college is all about leaving your comfort zone and experiencing new things, this is what makes your college experience and enables you to grow as a person.
With students leaving their comfort zone during the week at college, Iarnród Éireann is there to bring you back to your comfort zone for the weekend.
Going out and enjoying yourself is one of the best parts of college life and something all students can relate to. ‘Bringing you Home Home’ will show no matter how fragile you feel the next day after a night out, Iarnród Éireann is there to bring you back home for the weekend.
“Going OUT OUT, makes you want to go HOME HOME”
‘Bringing you Home Home’ will make use of the similarities in body position of someone sitting a bit worse for wear on a night out and someone who is fragile from the night before sleeping on the train home.​​​​​​​
Bringing you Home Home’ will show short 10-15 second social media videos that show a drunk person sleeping on a night out on a seat and zoom into their face, as the shot zooms out it shows the same person sleeping on the train with the end copy “Going OUT OUT, makes you want to go HOME HOME”.
The campaign will be brought to College campus’ on freshers week, the activation will use a train carriage and turn it into sleep pods/rooms for hungover students, bringing them back to their comfort zone.
The campaign will also be brought to nightclubs on Thursday student nights and use geofencing to target the students in the nightclub with a discount to get the train home the following day only.