About Me 
I first learned my craft as a young sixteen year old graphic designer in the signage industry. This taught me the importance of grabbing the audience’s attention and getting your point across in a few seconds.
From typography to graphic design to photography to art direction to copywriting. I learned whichever skills I needed to bring my ideas to life.
These ideas made me want to create bold creative work (nice shit, not shit that looks nice) that makes an impact on the world! A good impact being a positive. 
While I’m currently searching for a new graphic design opportunity, I stay active with self-initiated projects.
My sporting dreams will have to wait.

Go ahead and send me a message.

Graphic Designer
Kerr Signs, Toomebridge, Northern Ireland
July 2012 - June 2017
January 2018 - Present

ICAD Upstarts
September 2019 - December 2019

Art Director Intern
Radical, Dublin, Ireland
July 2017 - December 2017